3 Chimney Care Tips

A chimney is a great functional and decorative touch for a home. During the Christmas season, it tends to enjoy a lot of attention. Before the Holiday season, and then, through the rest of the year when a chimney is not in use, may be the best time to ensure that it is properly maintained. Professionals from chimney caps fairfax county va, for example, can asses its condition and determine if repairs or extra cleaning is necessary.

Here are three chimney care tips to consider.

Clear the Area

There is nothing like sitting near a roaring fire on a cold night with the ones you love the most. Sharing a romantic evening near a chimney’s fire or scary ghost stories with your children is wonderful, but when a fire is burning with no one around, the area should be kept clear of furniture and furnishings. It is recommended to keep items at least 3 feet away from the fire. If a spark happens to fly, a clearance of 36 inches means that a fire is less likely to be sparked. Screens are helpful in catching flying sparks, but as an added safety measure, keep the area clear.

Seal the Area

A chimney leaves an opening into your home from the outside top. While people may not fit comfortably through the opening, animals absolutely can. Raccoons, squirrels and other curious critters searching for food or a place to build a nest may be enticed. A chimney cap keeps them out and keeps heat inside. It is also a good idea to use the chimney’s damper. While a fire is burning, the damper should not be closed. When the fire is out, the damper should be closed so that the heat stays inside and the cold air outside.


The best fire tends to burn from seasoned wood because it has been dried for at least six months. This dry wood makes less smoke and longing lasting fires.

If your home consists of a chimney, keep the area clean, sealed and use seasoned wood for best fire results.