Beat the Heat Using Ceramic Insulation

Many industries depend on products that can tame the heat associated with the processes and very way business is conducted. TaoFibre offers an affordable insulation solution that provides flexible heat rating protection, shapes and thickness.

Quality Ceramic Insulation Materials

TaoFibre is a high grade thermal insulating material created using ceramic fibers and binders in a wet process that ensures durability and optimal performance. It is unlike other ceramic fiber board in that the consistent quality in each piece guarantees each project is completed to the best possible standards. It allows you to concentrate on the quantity needed, rather than stopping to check on the quality of each length. There is peace of mind in knowing that the product you use is safe, durable and affordable.

A Product That Can Really Take the Heat

This type of fiber board made of ceramic is available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, thickness, density and heat tolerance ratings. This product has the ability to guard against temperatures in excess of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It is the perfect solution for creating heat barriers for boilers, industrial fryers, metal forging vats, fireplaces, incinerators and many other specific projects. It is created in shapes that are often hard to find. You can guard against heat and protect assets from possible fire damage using a product designed to work perfectly in a variety of situations.

Diversity in Usefulness

Ceramic fiber is useful for everyone from homeowners to the captains of industry. Guarding your home against fire hazards from the heat of boilers and fireplaces can be done quickly at an affordable cost. Any type of industrial equipment that puts out enormous amounts of heat require insulation to protect the surrounding equipment, structure and people. Fiber board is a cost-effective and trusted solution.

Stable Insulation to Keep Business Moving

This high quality product can withstand enormous amounts of heat, but the more impressive point is that even after getting wet by water, oil or steam it will return to normal properties after drying. All is not lost in these moments and it does not require immediate replacement. The product is quality tested and found to be stable in consistent density, thickness and stands up to the designated heat rating. This makes TaoFibre a product you can trust to handle your heat insulation issues with accuracy.

Contact thermal insulation specialists like the ones at and make the switch to a product that is the most stable and efficient in the industry.