Heating As The Falling Temperature Of The Room Of The House

You may be reading this outside on your patio. The sun warming you as you lounge in a t-shirt and shorts. The thermometer tapping the 70-degree mark in the middle of winter. With this, you may think you don’t need heater maintenance.

Push that thought far back in your head. While it may be warm now, it’s going to get cold at night. Even as chilly as freezing. And, another cold snap is going to come around. This means daytime temperatures in the 40s and 50s. Rather than lounging on your patio, you’ll be freezing in your home.

That’s when you’ll want a company like Air On Time to check your heater. And so will your neighbors. This is why, while the weather is warm, you want to get your heater serviced. Or, make sure you’re taking care of its scheduled maintenance.

This means checking the heater’s air filter. One of the biggest culprits in the failure of a heater is a dirty filter. When too much dust and debris accumulate on the filter, air can’t properly flow. The potential result is a lack of warm air flowing through the rest of the home. And, potential damage to the heater’s mechanics.

Air filters should be replaced per manufacturer guidelines. For normal filters, this is normally 30 days. Some anti-static filters don’t need to be replaced for three months. It’s best to check ahead of time.

The other thing you can do is check the vents around your home. Like a dirty air filter, dirty vents prevent the proper flow of heated air. If you haven’t cleaned them since you bought your home, now may be the right time.

This is where heating maintenance companies come through. They have the high-power equipment to collect the accumulated junk out of your vents. Once complete, the difference is major. In addition, there’s a very good chance your energy costs will be reduced.

If we have convinced you, don’t delay. Take a few moments in the shade to contact your heating company. Make an appointment to have your HVAC unit checked now. It will lower your electric bill and keep you from buying extra blankets.

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