How to Improve Fire Safety at Your Business

Keeping yourself and employees safe in case of fire is an important responsibility for any owner. There are a few things you can do to make sure the employees understand what is expected if there is a fire in the building. Knowing where the escape routes are is a critical factor in surviving disaster. Create a fire escape plan and make sure all of the employees are familiar with what needs to be done at the time to escape the building.

Is There a Fire Safety Plan for Evacuation?

The best way to stay prepared for a fire emergency is to have a plan of escape for everyone in the building. make sure all fire exits are clearly marked. Post the routes needed to to gain a safe exit from the building. If there is a second floor, but no fire escape, make sure every employee has access to a portable rescue ladder that will get them out of the building. They can be attached to the window sill and employees can climb down to safety in a hurry.

Are All of the Sprinklers and Alarms in Working Order?

All sprinklers and fire alarms should be tested regularly to make sure they are functioning properly. The employees should also be made aware of what the fire alarm sounds like.

Are All Employees Aware of Fire Escapes and Exits?

You need to conduct meetings frequently that outline safety hazards that can cause fires in buildings and to make sure all employees are aware of the location of the fire exits. You should clearly explain the fire exit plans and choose a meeting place outside the building to have everyone gather if a real fire breaks out.

Do You Have Employees That Might Need Assistance In Getting Out Of the Building?

Handicapped or elderly employees may need some assistance in escaping the building if there is a fire. Make sure anyone in a wheelchair is allowed to work on the ground floor if there are no adequate fire exits in higher levels of the building. You will not regret making this decision if there is a fire emergency.

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