Ridding The Pond Of Weeds

A pond in your yard can be a beautiful addition to the exterior of your property. However, the weeds that grow in the pond can often overtake the other flowers and plants that you purposely grow. Fortunately, there are a few aquatic weed control methods that you can use to remove these nuisances before they do take over the pond and the surrounding area.

One of the options that you have would be to decrease the amount of water that is in the pond as weeds enjoy the excess water. You should also decrease the amount of fertilizer that you use because there are some weeds that thrive on nutrients while others don’t really care about whether there is fertilizer or not. There are different types of weeds and algae that grow in ponds, so you need to know what you’re dealing with before you begin any kind of treatment. Algae is common if you don’t have any kind of circulation system or fountain to keep the water moving around. Since there isn’t a root system, you can usually rake or scoop the algae from the water in a short time.

If your pond is in the ground instead of designed in a container or pool, then you might see weeds that emerge from the ground. These weeds have roots, but they can be pulled from the ground with a little effort. Weed killers can also get rid of this type, but you should try to avoid spraying the product on the flowers and plants that you want to keep. Sometimes, floating weeds will begin to take root at the bottom of the pond or begin as a rooting plant at the bottom and grow above the surface of the water. These weeds should be removed as soon as possible because they can overtake the oxygen levels and nutrients from other plants and any fish that you have in the pond.