Tips on Cleaning Ceramic Floor

Ceramic floor is currently the most dominant and most widely used for residential floors, because it is the floor of this type of ceramics in addition to affordable prices are also many variants and types. Do you want more info? You can visit Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Here are Tips on Cleaning Ceramic Floor for ceramic look okay:

  1. Ceramic floor should be diligently wiped or swept when dirty. This is done to avoid grains of sand that can cause scratches on the surface of the ceramic.
  2. Ceramic floor tiles using clean water or soapy water.
  3. Avoid using floor cleaners containing sulfuric acid and high HCL. This acid content can cause a layer of ceramic damaged so quickly look dull.
  4. Avoid using ceramic cleaning fluid containing fragrance. This fluid usually makes dirty spots on the surface of the ceramic.
  5. Use high-grade chemical solutions to remove stubborn stains or stains. However, it should be noted not to wet the entire surface of the ceramic. Dampen the stained ceramic parts only.
  6. Brush the tile floor in the bathroom using a brush with a bristle brush that is not too hard or rough because it can cause scratches on the ceramic layer or grout.

Caring for the floor on the house is absolutely done because the nature of the floor for the house is permanent or could be forever, so the floor of the house either the tile floor, wood floors or bamboo floor should be treated well in order to stay durable and okay in terms of appearance.In addition to good durability, coating the floor and walls with ceramics also provide ease in maintaining cleanliness. But still can not be avoided that ceramics will also experience a decrease in appearance (obsolete) if negligent in maintaining the main hygiene is a stubborn stain so it becomes a crust that is difficult to remove just like that.

Such is the Tips on Cleaning Ceramic Floor, hopefully useful.