When to Call In a Commercial Refrigeration Specialist

The fear of spending unnecessary amounts of money might hold you back from calling in a Sub Zero specialist when it is needed. There will be times that your commercial refrigeration equipment needs service to maintain proper cooling abilities.

Unexplained Pools of Water Near Equipment

The collection of water near cooling equipment can be a sign that you might have a serious problem developing. It could be as simple as a clogged drain line, but it might be more serious. The lines of ice makers can develop clogs, leaks and small pin holes that release water. Small amounts of pooled water might not be a bad thing, but monitor the amount and frequency of collected water.

Loud Sounds

Refrigeration equipment will tend to get louder as it ages, bu a cooler should never suddenly begins to emit loud sounds. There may be a problem with the condenser and a professional should take a look. This is not a problem you want to put off until there is a complete equipment breakdown.

Ineffective Cooling

A faulty thermostat, poor door seals and low refrigerant levels can all make the equipment lose the ability to keep items cool. Have the refrigeration equipment checked if you suspect it is not keeping items as cool as you need. This is critical if you sell perishable items that can spoil.

Wide Variances In Cooling Performance

Problems with the doors seals, condenser or thermostat are suspect if the level of cool offered by commercial refrigeration equipment is all over the map. Make sure that no one is changing the settings on the thermostat and call a specialist if the problem persists.

Equipment Quits Working

Non-working commercial refrigeration equipment can put a real dent on the sales in some establishments. Fresh sandwiches and cold drinks comprise a large amount of sales for some smaller stores. Not being able to offer these items to regular customers can cost in more ways than immediate sales. It can send customers off to seek other competing establishments.

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