Simple Ways to Protect Well Water

Well water must be maintained in rural areas because a strong defense prevents contamination problems. If you have a well that’s at risk, you can protect it by following a few simple steps.Use a Well Cap

A well cap is a strategic solution that can shield your drinking water from the elements. All caps are constructed out of a casing that’s made of thermoplastic or aluminum. Along the top of a cap, you’ll find a vented screen. The mesh design is very important because it equalizes pressure whenever someone pumps water out of a well.Don’t Use Pesticides

Pesticides are used to manage pests and weeds on a property. Since these substances have chemical agents that can contaminate water, you should never spray or pour pesticides near a well. If your property has tall weeds or a major pest problem, use natural solutions instead. You can get rid of weeds by using a herbicidal soap that’s made from dish soap, salt, and vinegar. Combine these ingredients in a bottle, and spray the formula on weeds that constantly grow around your well. For pests, the best natural solution is plain soapy water; it can eliminate ants and other insects.Avoid Degreasers

Degreasers are made with a variety of chemicals, and the main base component is usually chlorine, alcohol, and petroleum. If your well is positioned near pipes that are connected to a plumbing system, you shouldn’t pour a degreaser down a drain because the chemical could contaminate the soil. The contaminate process will happen whenever an underground pipe leaks. If a degreaser accesses a well, it will contaminate the water.

The process of maintaining a well in Salisbury, NC, is simple because many maintenance solutions are available. If you need professional help, water well services Salisbury NC are worth considering.